Great experience going Solar with Castaways!

Great experience going Solar with Castaways! Reasonable price. Some prices out there with others are high so be aware. A 30-year Solar Insure insurance policy is included in their price to alleviate the possible expense on something going wrong. (Includes insurance against leaks caused by components that attach the panels) Great!!!

I had signed with another Solar Company, and they backed out and wanted to increase the price… Everyone did great at Castaways! Elisa was the main contact. Nathan helped me decide with questions I had due to my tech background. Elisa was there all the way! I am sure it takes a lot to quote and juggle the whole process as she did. She keeps it all moving along. Jason was the electrician and Casey on the roof with the panels. Several others helped and another man in the attic.

They did a clean install and used components that make leaks a rarity. They even showed pictures of the components and how they ran the wire into the attic when I asked about it. These pics were automatically done. (I suspect they are required by Solar Insure) The Utility is the toughest part. Ours would not communicate well. They had an answering machine and email and a form letter that states it will take at least 30 days to get the meter changed and go live. Not an ideal response from the utility. The install and inspection by the county went quick after our install in Osceola but, I am sure it varies. If you are considering Solar, it’s real and it works! I have produced 47% of what I used last night by 1:20 PM today! I am looking forward to monitoring it. Consider Castaways! If you decide on Castaways and this review helped, please mention my name. It will help my ROI. I went with #20-365W Grid tied with IQ8+ Enphase Inverters.

The IQ8’s are great for later upgrades.