Thank you Castaway Solar for a job well done

Had my solar panels installed today, job went smoothly and flawlessly. The crew arrived on time and went straight to work, I was kept informed throughout the installation process. Very friendly and knowledgeable crew, they were willing to make modifications upon my request, however when configuring the Envoy box to connect via WiFi it
kept erroring out and would not connect so the company decided to have someone return the next day to troubleshoot the issue.

Jonathan return early the next day and still no success, after a while the issue was solved. If your router WiFi has its Security Method set to WPA2 the Envoy box will not connect because the Envoy box is set to NONE. Both the Envoy box and the WiFi Security Method must be the same for the box to connect to your WiFi.

To fix the issue, Jonathan ran CAT6 cable from the Envoy box to my router and the problem was solved.

I believe there should be a way to change the Security Method settings on the Envoy box via the App or the web browser interface to match the Router WiFi settings.
So I thank you, Jonathan, for your patience and great work, your determination to solve this issue shows that you care about your work and your customers. This was an IT issue not electrical, can’t wait to start using this system.

Thank you Castaway Solar for a job well done, am excited.