“…the best system for our size home and roof”

Very impressed. From the onset, I spoke with educated technicians and a team who put together the best system for our size home and roof. I am very inquisitive by nature, plus with a computer background, I want to understand everything up front. This team made that happen. From the size, to the design layout, to my endless questions on battery backup vs just panels, their patience was endless and that is truly saying something! The craftsmanship was excellent. We installed not only a large solar panel system, but also a new roof. The coordination with all that entails, went smoothly. They handled everything, even the interaction and paperwork needed to hook up with our utility company (Duke). The best part, is now that we are live and producing energy, I can see how our system is working (even by panel) on an app. We have been known to show off our system to our friends with this app which is updated regularly. We are immensely happy with the new system and highly recommend them to anyone interested.