Dan Kenney

Danie Kenny Bio Pic

Dan (aka DK), began his journey in solar energy with SolarCity (now known as Tesla Energy) in 2014, in his hometown of New Bedford, Massachusetts. DK established a reputation of taking great pride in his work, with his attention to detail and quality unknown to mankind, and quickly climbed the ranks to become a crew lead at SolarCity/Tesla.  In 2019, Carl and Nathan identified DK as being a great fit for the standards that we were creating to be an Island of Solar Excellence at Castaways Energy, and they invited DK to be a partner of the company.  He now oversees the installation and service scheduling, troubleshooting, system activations, system monitoring, and is a critical gear of our customer service engine.  DK’s dedication to the success of our company, and the happiness of our customers, is one of the many reasons that Castaways Energy installations and service are second to none. DK enjoys spending time with the love of his life, Kelcie, his boxer Millie, his brother Casey (a roof lead at Castaways Energy!), and he gets on his kayak for outdoor adventures and fishing the beautiful waters in our great State of Florida!