About Us

Castaways Energy has assembled the Avengers of Solar Power in Central Florida!

Our company was founded when Nathan Traynor, Carl Craig and their team of co-owners and partners recognized a tremendous need for quality solar installations in Florida. Castaways Energy leads the way in customer experience, immaculate installation quality, and outstanding and heroic service. Daniel Moore, one of our co-owners at Castaways Energy, has made our company one of the only NABCEP Certified (the industry’s highest level of certification!) solar energy contractors in Florida! With over 35 years of combined solar energy experience under one roof, Castaways Energy is on an Island of Solar Excellence, let the Castaways take care of all of your energy needs today!

Treasure the Sun, Your Home is Your Island!

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The Castaways Energy Story

Castaways Energy Holding Clermont Castaways Logo

Our company name and brand comes from our past experiencesWhen our co-founder Nathan Traynor opened the first SolarCity/Tesla Energy operations in Florida, he was tasked to create a team name and symbol for his regional office in Clermont, FL. The Clermont office was the first operation in the entire southeastern region of the United States, for what was the largest residential solar energy provider in the world at the time.

Out of all the offices that SolarCityhad in operation, our Clermont office was the furthest office from rest of the other 50+ SolarCity locations nation wide! (the closest being in Washington D.C.) We were left on an “island” to grow the operation from the ground up and with local Florida talent! So Nathan selected the name “Clermont Castaways”.

The operation grew to be one of the largest in the country, and when Tesla purchased SolarCity, the Castaways location was the first Tesla Energy location in the world to install 1 MegaWatt (1,000,000 watts!) of solar in a single month.

When Tesla purchased SolarCity, they eventually removed the regional office team names and logos, so when Nathan and Carl joined forces with their partners to open our own solar installation company, we decided that taking the name that started it all, would remind us of our roots and why we do what we do! So Castaways Energy was born again! Our company goal was to be the best installers in the industry – with the most qualified people in the industry from the roof to the office!

With many solar companies to choose from in today’s market, consider trusting Castaways Energy, we install systems for Sunpower, Tesla, Palmetto, and many other solar energy firms and corporations throughout the State of Florida. Roofing companies trust Castaways to remove systems for their customers, and reinstall them after they receive a new roof. Experience the difference of not settling for good or great by experiencing the Excellence of Solar Energy with the Castaways!