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Florida Statute 163.04 forbids any binding agreement (between HOAs or otherwise) to prohibit a property owner from installing solar. An HOA may restrict where you place your solar panels, but not if the system’s performance suffers as a result.

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Yes. We offer easy financing with low interest, zero down and low payment options! Our goal is to make your solar energy payments less than what your monthly electric bill is charging you. That way, you are putting more money into your pocket each month, while investing into your future and increasing your home value. When you purchase a solar energy system, your rates NEVER go up! You lock in the same monthly bill, for the life of the system, unlike utility companies that raise their rates every single year! Imagine how much electricity will cost 5-10-20 years from now!

YES, it could!  Our design team works to utilize all your roof space to properly size your system to get you to net zero!  Your electric company still may have a small minimum bill requirement, like Duke Energy, which is $30 but your system will be designed to get the maximum offset of your bill, so that you can still purchase $30 of electricity from Duke, and not just pay a monthly minimum for no reason. We size the systems based on many factors, but the #1 most important factor is to get the most return out of your investment and save you the most money!

Every home, family, business, and electricity bill are unique!  Solar panels come in many different sizes and wattages. We choose solar panel products that will utilize the most space receiving the highest amount of sunlight on your roof.  For example, if your bill is $100, then your system size would be around a 5000 Watt system, or 5kW system.  If you receive 360 Watt solar panels, you would then need 14 panels (14 x 360 = 5040 Watts).  The first step is providing us with your utility bill and let us help guide you to a system that best suits your needs and gets you the highest return on your investment!

Solar panels are extremely durable and with no moving parts, they will generally require little to no maintenance. As of now, the average lifespan of solar panels for housing is about 25-30 years however, some systems can last for even 50!  We even go one step further for our customers.  We are one of only a handful of contractors that offer SOLAR INSURE!  It is a 3rd party insurance-backed warranty plan included in your system when you install with Castaways Energy! This is an additional 30-year warranty coverage for panels, inverters, optimizers, and roof penetrations.  Solar Insure will pay for any labor needed to service your system,  and has ownership transfers at NO FEE! When you have your system installed with Castaways Energy, you are not only saving money,  you are saving for years to come with a peace of mind like nowhere else!