• Home Battery and Storage Services
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers and Service
  • Ground-Mount Solar Systems
  • Off-grid Solar Systems
  • Solar System Inspections and Cleaning
  • Grid-tied Solar Systems and Service
  • Inverter Repairs, Replacements and Service
  • Main Electrical Panel and Service Upgrades
  • Bird, Pest & Wildlife Barrier Installations
  • Solar Panel Efficiency Check-ups
  • Solar Panel Removals and Reinstallations
  • Re-Roof Services through our partners


whole home solar installations

Whole Home Solar Installations

Feel the Power of Generating Your Own Electricity!

Our team of installers are seasoned vets in the installation of Residential and Commercial PV systems. Most homeowners have enough space on their roof to completely replace their electric bill with a clean energy, high-tech solar system. Reach out to our team today for a free consultation and proposal from Castaways Energy to make your home energy independent!



Battery Back-Up / Energy Storage Systems

Tesla Powerwall, Enphase Encharge, Sunpower SunVault

Our skilled electricians and project management team have extensive experience in the installation and commissioning of Battery Back-Up and Energy Storage Systems. Our electricians are industry certified for the installation of Tesla Powerwalls, Enphase Encharge, and Sunpower SunVault systems. The ability for our team to provide these emergency power systems with the installation of a PV system, allows our customer a peace of mind that Your Home is Your Island!



commercial services

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Our electricians are no strangers to residential service and electrical panel upgrades, lighting retrofits, or even hanging ceiling fans! We have licensed and skilled electrical professionals with decades of experience. All of our customers electrical needs will be satisfied with Castaways Energy providing the services!


Electric Vehicle / EV Charging Services

If your electric vehicle (EV) needs it – We can design it, build it, and service EV charging stations for residential and commercial applications.

Solar power is a natural complement to an EV! If you own an EV, or are thinking of purchasing one, a solar energy system is a great way to recharge your EV with the sunshine, and save a tremendous amount of money on fuel for your EV. Your daily commute can be emissions-free, by generating the “fuel” for your vehicle from your own rooftop! If energy independence, security, saving money, and clean energy are things you care about, this is the smartest option you can choose!


Removal and Reinstalls

Solar Removal and Reinstallation Services

Castaways Energy is a preferred partner for dozens of Florida roofing companies, as well as for homeowners, that need their solar energy system removed and reinstalled.

Our skilled technicians have experience in nearly every type of solar mounting products in today’s market and we will purchase new products as needed and provide a workmanship warranty on any systems that are removed and reinstalled by Castaways Energy. Give us a call for a quick estimate!